LNS Research Network

From 2009 to 2015, the iLiNS Project facilitated a research network. The LNS Research Network comprised a group of researchers and practitioners with a common interest in exploring the potential for lipid-based nutrient supplements to contribute to prevention of malnutrition. The objective of the Network was to facilitate on-going communication and exchange of information and experience – among researchers, among practitioners, and between the two.

Some iLiNS Project activities have now been phased out, and we no longer actively update Network members through a mailing list.

Currently, the following resources are available at this website, and are updated monthly:

See iLiNS Project publications and download a bibliography here.

See links to on-going clinical trials here.

The list of trials includes registered trials exploring use of LNS for prevention of undernutrition and/or for supporting healthy growth. We provide hyperlinks to full descriptions at ClinicalTrials.gov and the ISRCTN registry.