Operating Principles

  • Evidence-based and rigorous scientific approach

    The core proposal for our research activities underwent extensive peer review. We are committed to prompt publication of results in peer-reviewed journals. We will seek to publish negative as well as positive results.
  • Open communication and access to information

    Project objectives step beyond the research process itself and explicitly include broader communication efforts. We aim to foster progress towards solutions by sharing our research protocols, and by providing a platform for exchange between researchers and practitioners. We believe that on-going exchanges between researchers and practitioners can advance understanding both of efficacy and of operational/implementation issues, with the view that each should inform the other.
  • North-South partnerships and capacity building

    From its inception, our research program was developed in partnership with principal investigators in the developing countries that will host the efficacy studies. The iLiNS Project will provide a variety of opportunities for training, including funding for doctoral students from each host country.
  • Respect for research subjects and communities

    We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our research. In each site, our local partners have developed positive relationships with communities based on the conduct of previous studies.  All protocols will be approved by local Institutional Review Boards (IRB) in each site, and also by either the IRB of the University of Tampere, Finland or the IRB of the University of California, Davis, USA.